From the Crime Awarness Committee

The recent rise in criminal activity in the Hampton Terrace neighborhood has all of us on high alert. The bad economy only fuels the fire of theft and burglary. As some of you are aware, the HTNA has sponsored the TPD "Roll Calls" in the past! These interactive meetings with some of Tampa's finest law enforcement individuals gives us all a better view of what is happening and what we, as a neighborhood, can do to help TPD battle crime in our neighborhoods!

The HTNA is trying to schedule more TPD roll calls here in Hampton Terrace. The HTNA also has asked for and have gotten the ok to get more of a police presence here in HT! You will see more marked TPD cruisers in the neighborhood and you will also be glad to know there are several unmarked police vehicles cruising the streets of protect you and your property.

Join in our next "TPD roll call" (times and location TBD) and in the meantime, each of you here in HT are the eyes and the ears of the TPD! If you see something wrong...something suspicious...something that "just isn’t right" not hesitate to call TPD at the non emergency number (813)231-6130 and report it IMMEDIATELY!

Thanks for all of your help......and stay safe!

Jim Kwid, V.P.
Temp Crime Awareness Chair until filled.