East Tampa CRA Community Revitalization Partnership Meeting

East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership
February 13, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.
Ragan Park Community Center
1200 E. Lake Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33610

The mission of the East Tampa Community Revitalization Partnership (ETCRP) is to work with all levels of government, community organizations, other stakeholders and citizens to provide leadership and oversight of the Community Redevelopment Agency and Tax Increment Fund in transforming East Tampa into a neighborhood of vibrant residential, commercial, social and cultural life through the implementation of the East Tampa Community Redevelopment Plan.

Community Advisory Committee -
Evangeline R. Best, Chairperson
Jason Dickens, Vice-Chairperson
Ricky J. Bell
Maya Carrasquillo
Natasha Goodley
Orlando Gudes
Kim Headland
James Cameron Hypes
Terrell Denise Mathis
Jasmine Mattear
Gary Onzy
Ellen Stoffer
Maxine Woodside

E. T. C. R. P. Standing Committees Chair -

Denese Meteye-James, Chair Aesthetics & Beautification
Carrol Josephs-Marshall, Chair Economic Development
Harold A. Jackson, Health, Education & Social Services
Frank Cornier, Chair Housing
Kim Headland, Chair Land Use
Gwen Myers, Chair Membership Outreach
Carol Lewis, Chair Planning & Evaluation
Gary Onzy, Chair Public Safety
Sgt-At-Arms, Vacant
Secretary, Vacant
Treasurer, Vacant

DATE: February 13, 2018 TIME: 6:30 p.m.

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER Evangeline R. Best, Chairperson

Introduction of First Time Participants & Welcome

Approval of Minutes
January 9, 2018

I. Paul Dial, Parks & Recreation Director
II. Kim Headland, Land Use Subcommittee Chair
III. Carrol Josephs-Marshall, Economic Development Subcommittee Chair
IV. Michelle Van Loan, Economic Development Specialist – Strategic Action Plan
V. Ralph Smith, Computer Mentors Executive Director
VI. Ed Johnson, East Tampa Development Manager – Updates
VII. Evangeline R. Best, Chair’s Update
VIII. Community Input (2 minutes per person and must pertain to agenda items)
IX. Adjournment

Next ETCRP meeting March 13, 2018