Hampton Terrace Neighborhood Association Traffic Calming Update - 5/2/19

Paving 1

Good Afternoon Hampton Terrace,
Mr. Uy with the City of Tampa has been so kind to send us another update on the resurfacing and traffic calming measures that all of us at HTNA and residents have been waiting for, for well over 12 years!
So very exciting to have these long awaited improvements come to our neighborhood.

The City has reviewed the intersection of 12th and Idlewild and due to the high frequency of incidents occurring, the City of Tampa has approved the installment of an all-way stop condition. The work order for the installation of the all-way stop signs is being drafted now and has been given a HIGH priority. Additionally, the City will install enlarged all-way stop panels and a 24” white, special emphasis stop bar. The work will be coordinated with the City’s In House Operation’s staff for scheduling and installation.
Furthermore, upon the completion of the Hampton Terrace Neighborhood Resurfacing and Traffic Calming design, the City plans to raise the intersection and install “STOP” pavement messages. The City has procured Preferred Materials for the construction of this project.
Raised intersections will also be constructed along Idlewild at the 9th St. and 13th St. intersections. These measures should help reduce speeds throughout the corridor. In addition to the raised intersections, additional countermeasures that will be applied to this intersection include:
- Installing 24” white stop bars at stop signs along 12th Street (none currently exist).
- Upsizing the stop signs at and installing a second stop sign on the left shoulder of the roadway at each existing stop sign location.
- Installing “STOP” pavement messages before the stop bar on each approach to Idlewild Ave.
- Installing westbound “25 MPH” pavement messages along Idlewild Ave. between 12th Street and 13th Street and eastbound “25 MPH” pavement messages along Idlewild Ave. between 9th Street and 12th Street.

The City is still awaiting the final recommendations from the consultant, but we have communicated to them the neighborhood’s frustrations. As soon as the recommendations are finalized, we will alert the neighborhood and post the report on our website. Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
We are currently anticipating starting construction this coming summer barring any major setbacks. Construction will include both the street resurfacing and the traffic calming features. We are anticipating to hear back from our consultant finalizing the list of traffic calming recommendations.
If you have any questions, feel free to call/email.

Thank you,
City Pavement Management Engineer, Transportation and Stormwater Services Department”

If you have any questions please send an email anytime to - Hamptonterraceneighborhoodassoc@yahoo.com.

Kind Regards,
Dana Fortson
HTNA Traffic Calming Chair