Lake Roberta Update 2/6/18

Hello Hampton Terrace,
In 2010 when HTNA took responsibility for representing Hampton Terrace to the City of Tampa, Lake Roberta was once a weed choked, trash laden lake that you could literally almost walk across. The HTNA Board along with a handful of caring residents have cleaned Lake Roberta the 1st SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH FOR THE PAST 8 YEARS! Thank you to all those who have helped thru the years. This along with the purchase of irradiated Carp (with permission from the State of Florida) and HTNA working closely with the City of Tampa have brought back a revived Lake Robert, but there is still much to do to bring back lake Roberta to its previous splendor.
HTNA has gotten more information from the City of Tampa Stormwater Engineering Division on the ongoing push to rejuvenate our Lake Roberta.

Dredging Lake Roberta -
The plan is to dredge the lake with a minimum of 2 feet on the banks & 3 feet in the lake. We will getting more information after the bathymetric survey that was done at the beginning of February is completed and the results are in. The survey was done to determine the amount of debris and sediments that need to be removed by dredging. DEP permit will be followed for dredging and proper removal and disposal of sediment will be conducted.

Trash from Surrounding Area Coming into the Lake -
Our engineering staff has met with FDOT regarding Nebraska and with USF to try to capture more debris before entering Lake Roberta. USF will be conducting two studies, one to prevent the floating debris from Nebraska & other sources from entering the lake and the other is to find a way to prevent sediment from coming into the lake from Clifton, Idlewild & Nebraska streets.

Animals In and Around lake Roberta -
Once all needed information is collected, it will be determined what the proper move forward will be to make sure that no animals will be lost during the project.

The City has assured HTNA that once all surveys are complete and funding is approved that the City will be notifying HTNA and the neighborhood with signs and door hangers. HTNA will also work with the City to have a meeting with all interested to go over the impact to Hampton Terrace Residents.
Please feel free to email HTNA at with any questions and the Board will do its best to answer any questions.

Yours in Community,

HTNA Board