Dear Hampton Terrace Neighbors,

The City just sent exciting information that they have finally scheduled a workshop to go over all collected information in regard to resurfacing and traffic calming measures.

"We scheduled the project workshop for July 26th at the Seminole Heights Branch Library. We will be sending out notifications and posting signs in the neighborhood in the next couple of weeks. At the meeting, I will present some information on the resurfacing project, then I will discuss the traffic calming. After the presentation, we will have a public workshop to decide on what treatments the neighborhood would like to see on Idlewild. A few concepts will be shown. We will also ask residents what treatments they would like the City to develop on streets other than Idlewild. So, the idea is, we will let residents identify the issues, and we will then analyze the requests and see what can be added to the overall traffic calming plan for the entire neighborhood based on minimum design standards and overall budget.
We will follow back up with the residents with an overall traffic calming plan, and a construction schedule after the meeting."

In 2013, after years of contacting the City of Tampa about the dilapidated conditions of the roads here in Hampton Terrace, the City paved the southern streets here in HT with the promise that the remainder of streets would be paved in 2015. As you may have guessed, the funding was slashed and the paving project was shelved.
Since that time, HTNA has been in contact with the City in regard to putting Hampton Terrace back on the schedule for re-paving and traffic calming measures.
Per the City of Tampa Transportation and Stormwater Department: "Resurfacing plans are progressing and are scheduled to be submitted for review by July 2018. Traffic Calming concepts will be completed soon as well. These concepts will be brought to a public workshop to get community input.
In the meanwhile, the City is bidding the construction contract that will actually construct the improvements. We should have the winning bidder under contract in about 6 weeks. Things are progressing really well. Construction could start as early as late summer/early fall of this year, 2018".
The City has funded resurfacing for Hampton Terrace in FY18. Fiscal Year 2018 begins Oct 01 , 2017. We have a kickoff meeting with our consultant and surveyor later this week. we won’t know exactly how bad the existing conditions are until we complete our initial assessment. The days of simply resurfacing roads in the City are over. Instead, we take a comprehensive look at the roadways, the drainage conditions, the conditions of the ADA facilities, etc. We exercise a much more detailed approach where the City tries to correct all the deficiencies of the roadway. I will be contacting you soon regarding a public information meeting to go over some of the details."
HTNA will forward all meeting details as soon as it is given to us. Recent examples of this new approach are:
• Davis Islands Resurfacing
• Bayshore Beautiful Neighborhood Resurfacing
The Neighborhood Traffic Calming is a program that we will be reinstated after a hiatus. The budget for 2018 hasn’t been officially adopted, but I cannot foresee this program falling out for any reason. The City used to install speed humps, but conflicts with drainage and emergency vehicles led to us making the decision to no longer continue that program. Now, we want to focus on other traffic calming measures, such as mini-roundabouts, chicanes, raised pedestrian crosswalks, etc. Here is a link to a Wikipedia page that has some good information on the other measures. I think the only measures that might be off the table are closing a road, “one-waying” a road, and diverters that restrict through access.
The City is looking at Idlewild Ave as a candidate for our first pilot project. Idlewild Ave. is a good candidate because there is a clear and apparent traffic generator in the Publix at the corner of Nebraska. These programs can be somewhat controversial, so the City would need neighborhood support before moving forward.
Traffic calming uses physical design and other measures to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. It aims to encourage safer, more responsible driving and potentially reduce traffic flow. Such measures might include:
- Narrowing: Narrowing traffic lanes makes slower speeds seem more natural to drivers and are less intrusive than other treatments that limit speed or restrict route choice.
- Raised pedestrian crossings, which act as speed tables, often situated at intersections.
- Chicanes, which create a horizontal deflection that causes vehicles to slow as they would for a curve.
- Pedestrian refuges again can provide horizontal deflection, as can curb extensions and chokers.
- Round-a-bouts
- Permanently Mounted Dynamic Speed Feedback (DSF) Signs
Visit the website listed here for more information in regard to the different traffic calming measures - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_calming. As soon as more information is given to HTNA we will forward to residents of Hampton Terrace!
Yours in Safety,
HTNA Board