The Hampton Terrace Neighborhood Association is a volunteer organization in the Hampton Terrace subdivision of Seminole Heights, dedicated to the commitment of making Hampton Terrace the safest, most friendly, neighborly, and enjoyable area in all of the city of Tampa to reside or work in.

Application for Special Use-2 Alcoholic Beverages Public Hearing

HTNA has been notified that there is an application to change the zoning for 5609 North Nebraska Ave. to 2-COP; Off-street Parking, Commercial.

- Requested AB Classification: Small Venue; Beer and Wine - Consumption on Premise and package sales off premise plus off-street parking commercial.

Pubic Hearing Date - 2/22/18
Public Hearing Time - 6:00 PM

The hearing will be held in:
City Council Chambers, 3rd Floor, Old City Hall
315 East Kennedy BLV - Downtown Tampa

Agent Requesting Change - Russell Ottenberg - 813-962-1752

Heights Mobility Study

Hello Hampton Terrace,
In an effort led by FDOT District 7, the Heights Mobility Study to identify immediate and comprehensive improvements along Florida Ave and Tampa St/Highland Ave and surrounding areas (more information on the Study can be found at is being launched.

2018 Solid Waste Enhanced Environmental Program - S.W.E.E.P.

Hampton Terrace Neighbors,
Hampton Terrace neighborhood will be Route 17 on May 14, 2018.

This program is reserved for residential customers with active refuse accounts residing in single-family homes and multi-unit properties (four units and less).
The City of Tampa Department of Solid Waste & Environmental Program Management’s S.W.E.E.P. services team collects approximately 2,893 tons of miscellaneous debris annually. In order to maintain the effectiveness of this program, the layout of the S.W.E.E.P. schedule has been updated. Enhancements to the S.W.E.E.P. schedule provide:

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