Election Results

This text is from the official letter sent by the city of Tampa on the election results. You can see a copy of the actual letter here: Official Letter

December 14, 2010

Mr. Wesley Warren, President
Hampton Terrace Neighborhood Association
1001 E. Clifton Street
Tampa, FL 33604

Dear Wesley,

Congratulations on your election to president of the Hampton Terrace Neighborhood Association on December 7, 2010. The final results for this election are:


Wesley Warren 139
Damien Baldwin 127

Vice President:

Jim Kwid 135
Jeff Ryan 131


Paul Ernie 135
Mona Roberson 130


Eddie Escobar - No opposition


Joe Fortson 132
Brett Wood 132

In order to resolve the tie vote for the Parliamentarian position, Joe Fortson and Brett Wood have provided signed statements indicating that they agree to both serve in the Parliamentarian position for two years until the next election. Your letter submitted on December 14, 2010, indicates that the newly elected officers of the Hampton Terrace Neighborhood Association have approved this approach.

The City of Tampa now recognizes Hampton Terrace as an official neighborhood association. Our office will proceed with updating our neighborhood registry, particularly the neighborhood map showing that Hampton Terrace is active.

Congratulations again, Wesley. Please let me know if I can be of any further help. Our office looks forward to working with the Hampton Terrace Neighborhood Association.

Best Regards,
Shannon E. Edge
Manager of Neighborhood & Community Relations

cc: Darrell Smith, Chief of Staff
Chip Fletcher, City Attorney
Damien Baldwin